How about starting your own business with no or less money? Seriously, it is no time to laugh and ignore the thought. You can easily build your own brand, if you have the guts to follow your dreams and making your dreams your assets, even without any monetary gains.

I understand that getting hold of the much-needed capital to jump start your business is usually the biggest challenge. However, lack of funds, should not hold you back from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams.

Robert Kiyosaki has fearlessly said, Never say you cannot afford something. That is a poor man’s attitude. Ask HOW to afford it. So, start thinking about how to build your legacy rather wasting your precious time worrying about your financial crisis.

Just relax and give attention to serious four ways to ponder about how to fulfill your dreams beside  your monetary crunch.

1. Go Online

From selling tomatoes for his mother’s stall to a garage full of luxury cars, connected to a jaw-dropping mansion, sitting under California sun while an entrepreneur in casual clothes says into his handheld camera, “Hey guys, I’m here in my garage…”

This is the phrase that took Tai Lopez,  all the way up to making YouTube videos of him in the garage of his California mansion, talking about the importance of his books and their enclosed knowledge—which so strategically sat just above a Lamborghini.

He did start with talking about the books he read and ended up selling books that he was had on various internet platforms. Today he has various products on Shopify and various companies of his own worth millions.

Believe me, shun the traditional method of marketing and advertising your products and services on paper in the form of pamphlets, brochures, and ad clips in newspapers and magazines. Such methods are expensive and you don’t want to be bankrupt either. Instead. Go online and make your Internet connection your place of exhibits and markets.

Do Research

Search for all the social as well as professional networking websites and upload your products and services there for all the concerned people to know about you as well as your stuff.

You will see lots of like-minded people following you and you will get immense opportunities out there. This is one great chance for your online exposure without much monetary concerns. In this high-tech world, you need to survive being online and developing your business via the internet.


2. Go For Unconventional Fund Sources

Unconventional sources like loans, grants, crowdfunding, and fundraising are some methods of funds that flow well if you want other people to help you out. But, first of all you need to plan your business well and if your business structure is concrete, you will find like-minded people’s appreciation and helping hands too.

Crowd Funding

Yes, one of the most popular yet interesting way of reaching more people and gaining  funds through various sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Wishberry, Ketto and many more is easy.

Find Grants

There are some of Being an online business person grants are available on the basis your start-up theme which will guide you and provide you with wonderful ideas and services for you to get creative and fetch them.


The best way to keep yourself on track is by Bootstrapping at every stage, even if you pay for something it makes sense while doing so.

  1.    Defer  capital venture
  2.   Co-locate with other offices
  3.   Use existing equipment’s like your computer
  4.   Eliminate travel expenses.


3. Create Free Services

Free stuffs, like free training, free services, free teaching, and free learning are such that anyone interested can opt for easily.

So, become creative and create your own free training sessions and workshops and let others know about your business within your local reach.

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

No wonder much interested people will gather around and learn about your techniques and styles.

In this way, you will get to know your audience’s likes and dislikes and their temperament too, which will be a great help in developing your own business structure.

If you want to see the power of free then the success behind the companies Google, Apple and many more is not hidden, if interested in knowing more then read this article Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business by Chris Anderson.



4. Adopt Online Barter System

Exchanging trading services via the Internet is a great idea that you can opt for without spending any money.

You should have your fast Internet connection and all you need is to provide your free services to other company websites.

Other entrepreneurs will get to know your capabilities and techniques of working with them. In return, such entrepreneurs will help you to promote your products and services. You require to build your website well to develop your online barter system.

Many global tech companies have been harvesting consumer data for commercial ends, have done bartering services for personal data. You can try this for growing your start-up.

On a keen note starting a start-up is the product of your will with your passion to make your vision into reality .


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