It takes a positive attitude to accomplish positive outcomes. The most essential step you have to take toward accomplishing your most noteworthy potential in life is to figure out how to screen your attitude and its effect on your work execution, connections and everybody around you.

Why say NO ? When YES is better.

A NO response puts a full stop on everything.

By contrast YES opens a door to a room full of new opportunities. Saying YES will buy you more time, it will enable you to see and explore more options and will give you an opportunity to build relationship.

People love hearing YES as it affirms that their request was really heard and will eventually be validated/approved

Smart CEOs Always Say YES.

When you’re already juggling various projects and feel like you’ve pushed yourself past your ability, NO can be an enticing reaction to avoid extra work. This attitude is the thing that recognizes CEOs from each other.

A normal CEO utilizes “NO” as a defense to protect their time so that they can organize and prioritize other problems that need to be addressed.A brilliant CEO executes “YES” as a feature of their expert logic to open doors for their startup’s growth.

Fortune and opportunity always favors the bold.A smart CEO should cultivate a Can-Do attitude in the company where NO is non-existent.


Being an entrepreneur if you really want to stand out and leverage yourself above your competition then you should and must say YES to every opportunity that comes your way- not just those which are in your scope.


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